April 2018                         Pompeii Archive published by Yale University Art Gallery
                                        and Yale University Press +

April 2018
                        WILLIAM WYLIE: RECENT WORK opens at University of
                                        Vermont, Burlington, VT

March 2018
                       Exhibition POMPEII: PHOTOGRAPHS AND FRAGMENTS opens
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT + 

February 2018                    SHADOWS OF THE FUTURE ANTERIOR, WILLIAM WYLIE
                                        / LEWIS BALTZ opens at
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

January 2018                     POMPEII ARCHIVE opens at Gregory Allicar Museum of Art,
                                        Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

October 2017                      Robert Adams writes about RIVERWALK
                                          photographs in Art Can Help, published by Yale University
                                          Art Gallery +

October-November 2017        Completes Shikoku Pilgramage, a multi-site 1,200 kilometer
                                            pilgramage of 88 temples associated with the Buddhist
                                            monk Kukai (Kobo Daishi) on the island of Shikoku, Japan.

July-December, 2017           Anatomy of Trees photographs included in Nature / Culture
Amon Carter Museum of Art, Fort Worth, TX

May 2017                            Opening of Immaginando l'Italia exhibition at Umbertide
                                         Art Center, Umbria, Italy and travels to Palazzo die Priori,
                                         Perugia, Italy

April 2017                           THINGS THAT APPEAR exhibition at Page Bond Gallery,
                                            Richmond, VA

Dec 5, 2016–Jan 15, 2017       Artist in Residence in Praiano, Italy (to work at Pompeii)
February 2016                       Finalist for Trawick Contemporary Art Awards, Bethesda
                                           Contemporary Art Center, MD

January 22, 2016                   Opening of THE ANATOMY OF TREES exhibition at Page
                                            Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA (January 22–February 27, 2016)

November 5–8, 2015                Screening of Prairie during the Virginia Film Festival,
                                            Charlottesville, VA.

August – December, 2015         Curated exhibition Collection: Sol LeWitt and Photography at
                                            the Fralin Art Museum, University of Virginia, VA.

August 2015                          Scrimmage opens at the University Art Museum, Colorado
                                            State University, Fort Collins, CO. This exhibition is focused
                                            on football as a theme and will feature a 15min single
                                            channel video piece Prairie about a six-man high school
                                            football team from eastern Colorado. The exhibition will travel
                                            to three other venues (see CV).

Dec 12, 2014 – Jan 15, 2015      Artist in Residence in Praiano, Italy through Yale University
                                             Art Museum Doran /LeWitt Fellowship.

September 14, 2014                Opening of Beyond Reach exhibition at Koeln-Art Gallery,
                                            Cologne, Germany as part of the International Photoszene
                                            Koln Festival of Photography.

February 2014–July 2016
          Documentation of the carving and installation of sixteen
                                              new Carrara marble capitols for the columns on the World
                                             Heritage Site of Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda at the
                                             University of Virginia.

November 7–10, 2013              Screening of video praiano at Second Street Gallery as part
                                            of Virginia Film Festival, Charlottesville, VA.

October 4, 2013                      Opening of THIS HEAVY VEIL exhibition at Page Bond
                                            Gallery, Richmond, VA (October 4–30, 2013)

January 2013                          Exhibition ROUTE 36 at Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE
                                              (January 26 – May 12, 2013)

January 2013                          Showing of film cavatori at Visualize: Benefit for the
                                             University Art Museum at Colorado State University.

Dec 2012–April 2013                Carrara series on display at recently reopened Yale
                                             University Art Museum.

Dec 2012–Jan 2013                  Artist in Residence in Praiano, Italy through Yale University
                                             Art Museum Doran / LeWitt Fellowship.